August 31, 2012 – The Fulfillment of Human Life

My guest on this edition of Consider This is Kenneth Anbender, Ph.D. Dr. Anbender founded Contegrity in 1992 with Gail Cantor and he specializes in the design of programs that orient people to the place of communication, development, and accomplishment in building a fulfilling life. His work is both transformative and developmental in nature. He holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (1975) from Adelphi University Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies. Since that time, he has been a trainer, curriculum designer and business consultant who has personally developed over 100,000 people in public programs. His long-term interest is to build vital development communities that have a culture of communication and leadership sufficient to foster sustainable accomplishment and deep satisfaction with life. Over the years, Ken has custom-designed hundreds of powerful and effective programs for corporations, non-profit organizations, and government entities. He has also developed others to be able to successfully lead these programs and the organizations that benefit from them. He has offered work that integrates psychology, spirituality, enlightenment, communication, organizational development, and community building. Ken is the designer of the rigorous body of knowledge that is the foundation of the Contegrity Approach.  He has been able to share his insight into the fundamental nature of life in a way that alters the way people engage with and fulfill life. His passionate investigation since 1961 has been into the question, “What integrates and fulfills a human life?”


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