September 13, 2013 – The Problem with God

This program features an interview with Peter Steinberger, author of The Problem with God: Why Atheists, True Believers, and Even Agnostics Must All Be Wrong. The book confronts the question of whether or not the idea of God is coherent, and in coming to grips with our deep-seated beliefs shows that asserting, denying, or even just wondering about God’s existence prevents us from seeing the truth–which, it turns out, is far more interesting and encouraging than anyone would have thought. Peter Steinberger is the Robert H. and Blanche Day Ellis Professor of Humanities and Political Science at Reed College, and he has written numerous books (listed below), and his articles have appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Christian Science Monitor.

The Idea of the State
The Concept of Political Judgment
Logic and Politics: Hegel’s Philosophy of Right